My draenei paladin Nyare. :3

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Draenei Revisited by *Meado

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Welcoming the Light

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Found a transmog set I liked for my paladin. Found it rather unique (at the moment) from the other paladins who are sporting (recolored) judgement, sets of the light, and/or rather suggestive gear. Granted, the shield doesn’t match color-wise but that’s easily looked over.

Cobalt Gladiator
+2 Set Pally Cataclysmic Gladiator’s (Shoulder and Helm)
+4 Pieces of Cobalt (Chest, gloves, legplates, and shoes)
+1 Belt of the Seven Seals  
Equip: Increases Paladin’s haste by 105 with Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord (Mace)
Equip: Fills the Paladin with the Ward of the Red Widow (Shield)

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Had my mind set on working on more digital painting… yeah… I think I should start smaller before taking on a big project so here’s the line art xD

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Gladiator of Kalecgos

Think maybe I’ll make this a series, I always seem to be putting together transmog outfits when I have a spare minute. The addon Mog-It has definitely been a time killer during Raid Breaks, dungeon queues, or even sheer boredom. For this set, I don’t know if we’ll still have Season 10 Elite gear available after next week or even the skin (much to my dismay, cuz I really really wanted this for my shaman), but here is the set anyway.

Head [Malefactor’s Eyepatch]
Shoulders [Ruthless Gladiator’s Mail Spaulders]
Chest [Mail of Crimson Coins]
Hands [Ruthless Gladiator’s Mail Gauntlets] 
Waist [Belt of the Ardent Marksman]
Legs [Frozen Forest Belt]
Feet xxx 
Main-hand [Blood Weeper]
Off-hand [Talisman of Kalecgos] 

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