Eire, my rogue. I usually keep her hair braided in pigtails but I wanted to practice drawing hair so I let her hair loose. My current transmog is missing the Bloodfang pants I want (dang you Ragnaros!), so I’m currently using Dark Leather pants on her. Unlike in game, I extended her (Bloodfang) chestpiece into a longer, (hopefully) thicker sweater so her pants look like leggings.

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So this happened… Not sure how. But I took my 28 rogue through Deadwind Pass to get an Elder in Blasted Lands and these guys started following me. Of course, I ran in fear. Turns out they’re not killing me and they’re skulls?

Anywho, their names are Phillip, Matt, and Frank. Phillip and Matt are twins. (two of em are overlapped each other.)

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A graphic I made yesterday when I was internetless. >_<