Reginleit, based on my druid, created using Photoshop and WMV.

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Eire, my rogue. I usually keep her hair braided in pigtails but I wanted to practice drawing hair so I let her hair loose. My current transmog is missing the Bloodfang pants I want (dang you Ragnaros!), so I’m currently using Dark Leather pants on her. Unlike in game, I extended her (Bloodfang) chestpiece into a longer, (hopefully) thicker sweater so her pants look like leggings.

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I have an extremely lucky guildy when it comes to mounts. In the past three years, I’ve farmed all the mounts he’s gotten in one month (such as, the White Polar Bear mount, the Raven Lord, Swift White Hawkstrider) and no cigar. xD Came on yesterday and he got the Blue Proto-Drake from a Satchel of Exotic Mysteries… anyone else recall running Utgarde Pinnacle a thousand times in Wrath? :O Yeah he got it without really trying. lol Anywho, had him blow on my dice yesterday (or rather he gave me a little bit of his luck) and went to go farm these mounts… and guess who got Raven Lord and the Hawkstrider Mount in less than a hour? :D

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Secrets of Snow

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A graphic I made yesterday when I was internetless. >_< 


I love that we have transmogrification. Putting back on tier 10 (granted in the shot, its not all tier 10, I tweaked it a little bit a few days ago for an updated feel) feels rather awesome. Makes me want to play my hunter again and bring back her full potential. Back in Wrath, I had the gear and I had the dps to kick everyone’s butt in our ten and twenty five mans. As much fun as it is to preach “Back in my day…” to the Cata babies, I think its time to bring her back.


More or less, giving a shot at digital painting. I’ve done two so far using two different styles. This is the first technique and definitely has room for improvement. 

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